The Rundown

Our journey began with the introduction of a versatile ballistics and projectile resistant stone wall panel system developed after realizing there aren’t enough ballistic resistant material options that are aesthetically pleasing, while offering protection against multiple threat types and levels. While on site visits to various government buildings and critical infrastructure facilities, we noticed there is a need for mobile ballistics & projectile systems, with EMP & Microwave energy protection options, that can be easily deployed, and take only seconds to minutes to activate and put into use upon arrival at destination.


Mission Objective

We knew we couldn’t ship a mobile system with such features in numerous crates or on pallets.  It would defeat the purpose of offering true mobility, and slow the activation process upon its arrival. So, we designed a system that is entirely self-contained, and every feature of the system serves multiple purposes, saves valuable real estate space in transit, not to mention costs for crating or packaging materials, and offers end users the ability to reconfigure the system at any time for other applications or missions. It also had to protect high value products and critical infrastructure equipment while offering personnel protection from ballistic, projectile, EMP, and Microwave energy weaponry. Systems can be configured for military, law enforcement, security, disaster response, education, and for crowd control in civil unrest or riot situations.  Our mission objective is protecting people & assets.  Making sure they’re safe at school, at work, airport arrivals and check-in points, and of course, protecting our heroic first responders, security, and military personnel with defensive and offensive capabilities.


This is why we created the Mobile Mission KitTM aka the MMK  TM.