Expedient response to global conflicts is a primary objective of our military. Our Mobile Mission Kits (MMK’s) were designed to provide forward military units with rapidly deployable defensive and offensive capabilities via a multi-purpose, self-contained crate
and mission cage system that takes only seconds to minutes to activate upon arrival, and provides immediate protection for troops and critical infrastructure

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Intelligent design and application flexibility is at the core of our MMK’s, and why it’s an ideal protective security system for deterring or mitigating actual or perceived active shooter threats for schools, office buildings, courthouses, federal offices, venues, or any
other applications where active shooters may be a risk


MMK’s are ideal for emergency preparedness planning and response for federal, state and local government emergency response agencies, National Guard, and entities like the Red Cross. As with all of our kits, rapid response, immediate site activation, security/protection, and versatility in functionality is paramount. We achieve this through the genus of the crate, and via our multi-purpose mission cage that can
accommodate emergency supplies and critical infrastructure like communications and medical equipment


With school districts and law enforcement focused on incorporating preventive and response planning for active shooter scenarios, MMK’s make for a highly effective tool for deterring and apprehending perceived or actual perpetrators through visual weapons screening technology that can be embedded in our mobile units, and through the ability to contain a perpetrator at entryways via a built-in man trap option, and articulating configurable ballistic and projectile panels that limit forward advancement

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Protection of our first responders in civil unrest or Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER) scenarios with an MMK system that is as fluid as the incidents and
proliferation of the civil unrest itself is critical to their personal protection, and provides for the security of the very equipment they utilize to combat the scenarios. This includes the protection of critical communication equipment that can be the difference between life and death of our heroic responders

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Rapid response to pandemic scenarios has been a real challenge for government agencies and suppliers who must identify best methods for the expedient deployment of
vaccines and supplies to designated areas. GoldenEye Defense MMK systems provide for a flexible and comprehensive, self contained delivery mechanism for supplies and equipment, while providing protection for personnel at designated depot locations and vaccination dispensary sites.

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Disasters caused by natural forces or man made catastrophes can require a wide range of response supplies, equipment and triage like care. The versatility of our MMK units enable agencies to customize the mission cage to specific disaster response scenarios, and protect personnel and critical infrastructure from possible civil unrest while deployed
in affected areas.


The MMK Checkpoint system provides airport and marine terminal security personnel with a highly flexible and effective means of intercepting and detaining possible
perpetrators or known wolves from committing heinous acts through its very design, and through embedded detection technology options. It also provides for the safe response of law enforcement personnel who are making communication with possible perpetrators, and detaining would-be offenders via a built-in man trap option. Articulating ballistic & projectile panels create a protective wall barrier that also conceals
activity from public view.