Mobile Misson Kit[MMK ]




The foundation of our crate systems that serves as the ballistic backbone for all variants. Also serves as a HVP logistics crate


Similar in nature with the MMK-TRIAGE system which acts as a forward mobile medical unit to support MASH operations with surgical capabilities that accommodate combat casualty overflow or civilian disaster response


Similar in nature with the MMK-MED variant which acts as a supply hub for medics, MASH units and emergency response situations    


The MMK-MIL can be deployed to a Forward Observation Base [FOB] for defensive and/or offensive operations or observations. Provides security/protection in seconds behind enemy lines. Combined with other systems the MMK-MIL is perhaps the most versatile variant. Customization based on mission necessity 


The heart of all MOBILE MISSION KIT's, like the MMK-CRATE, this unit offers customizable configurations for Military, Law Enforcement & Emergency Response teams with defensive features at its very base   


An Electromagnetic pulse protection system. Ideal for electronic safeguarding against EMP causing devices and natural solar flares. Protects COMMS or any other electronics for federal/state/local agency first responders or QRF’s 


This adaptation speaks for itself with any mounted weapon system such as a CROWS or a M240B/40mm manned turret.  Offensive and Defensive capabilities make this variant a good choice for long distance engagements/surveillance while operator(s) are fully protected 


The MMK-MARITIME setup provides protection while on  vessels, port docks, and can be fully submerged without degredation for underwater threats and/or barricades 


Provides emergency response teams with a protective barrier system that not only offers ballistics and projectile protective features, but can also include protection materials against radiation and chemical contaminants. Can be equipped with HAZMAT wash station(s) 


Is a flexible emergency response system that can be used for natural disaster, civil unrest, or any other situation where deploying emergency supplies and equipment is paramount


A versatile security system that gives security personnel the ability to scan and apprehend would be perpetrators in a self contained man trap and minimizes civilian awareness of a situation, and provides protection should weapons be deployed 


Smaller mobile variant designed for schools/universities that can be concealed until deployment. Once deployed this variant barricades hallways and can be used by law enforcement for clearing/securing civilians while engaging assailants. Offensive and Defensive applications. Can be combined with MMK-CHECKPOINT features


This combination provides protection against microwave energy weapons directed at personnel, while also offering ballistic and projectile absorbing features  


A crowd control and traffic pattern variant provides a mobile ballistic barricade capable of closing off an entire street/sidewalks/alleys. Temporarily altering vehicle and pedestrian traffic to safer (interdiction) areas or locking down suspects into an apprehension zone   



Similar variant to the MMK-MIL, this mobile Law enforcement variant is used for responding to active shooter situations and hostage standoffs where expanded protection coverage is needed to protect multiple personnel. Optional gun ports for offensive counter-measures are available   


Our first creation in our journey that led us to where we are today. A ballistic & projectile resistant panel that provides protection under UL-752, NIJ, M80/M855 testing standards. MTSP's are available with multiple facades that consist of stone, porcelain, various metals, various woods, fabrics & textiles, ceramics, laminates or custom water resistant & chemical resistant skins. Used in exterior and interior applications